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Expand the Life of Your Equipment With a New Coat of Paint

You may think that the layers of paint on your equipment serve to make it look nice. You are right. However, this is not their only purpose. These coatings serve to protect your equipment from harsh environments and corrosion. Wear and tear from dirt, salt, acid, and moisture greatly affect the lifespan of your gear. Proper care and maintenance are vital for continued-use of your machinery and will boost its professional appeal as well.

What must be done to restore your equipment? First, all existing coatings, including paint, rust, grease, oil and dirt, should be stripped from the surface. Laing Truck & Trailer does this with our in-house sandblasting equipment. If you aren’t familiar with sandblasting, it is a general term used for blasting very fine bits of aggregate at a high-velocity to clean a surface (typically metal or concrete). This step is important because it removes all the existing coating and corrosion, down to the bare substrate, and creates a fresh canvas for a new coating to adhere to. Better adhesion will cause the new coating to last longer and ultimately look nicer.

Next, your equipment should be primed. The purpose of primer is to seal, bond, and create a stable surface for your topcoat to be applied to. We typically coat equipment with an epoxy or zinc primer. Without a rust inhibitive primer, especially with metals, the coating will not perform correcting and may even peel off the surface. Finally, it is time for a top coat. We recommend a high performance urethane finish coat. Urethanes have excellent chemical resistance and hold their color and finish very well in-front of the UV Rays of the Sun, day in & out.

It is important to select the right coating for your piece of equipment. Here at Laing Truck & Trailer we will work with you to make sure we are using the paint best suited for your machinery. Whether you are looking for a high-gloss finish, excellent durability, stand-out colors, or all of the above, Alpine will find the right solution. We even customize equipment with company logos, matching the color, font, and design. Laing Truck & Trailer will make sure your new coating is resilient and stands out in the construction field. Check out some of our finished Shop Blasted & Painted Equipment at our shop portfolio.

Call Laing Truck & Trailer for an appointment at 607-775-9776.

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