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3 Important Reasons to Change the Batteries on your semi-truck!

As with any other type of preventive maintenance, semi-truck batteries should be replaced well before they are likely to cause an issue and finding yourself stuck without the support of knowledgeable technicians who can assist you in re-charging semi-truck batteries. Besides, given the sophistication of a modern semi-trucks electrical system, you should be careful in following proper procedures for replacing or re-charging semi-truck batteries.

Understanding proper semi-truck batteries maintenance starts with knowing what kind of batteries your vehicle uses. Commercial vehicles and semi-truck batteries come in different types and configurations—such as flooded batteries, AGM batteries, or TPPL AGM batteries. As an Owner Operator, you should always be aware of this information before hitting the road. The last thing you want is to cause is a widespread issue to your semi-truck in the middle of a busy season by replacing its batteries with a wrong type—which in turn, can severely reduce or stop your revenue stream.

Here are 3 Important Reasons to change the batteries on your semi-truck:

Monitoring the charge of your semi-truck batteries is an important preventive measure that can help you remain “ahead of the curve” and plan a scheduled inspection or replacement. Carrying a voltmeter in your toolbox is always helpful. At the same time, arranging to have them inspected by a Laing Industries service tech can help keep your mind at ease — this applies particularly at the first indication of a potential challenge to your semi-truck batteries. Planning your maintenance costs is always a “plus” in ensuring peace of mind of an Owner Operator.

The state of your alternator can also play a role in the condition of your semi-truck batteries since this critical component of your motor system is directly connected to batteries’ performance. Using large amperage alternators in your vehicle can have a beneficial effect in increasing the operational life and performance of semi-truck batteries. You should always be mindful that the vehicle you operate is a “system” that incorporates many processes and components that depend on each other for optimal performance. Therefore, a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle—not only your semi-truck batteries—should be done at regular intervals to ensure you can catch potential threats and uncover challenges.

Semi-truck batteries corrosion is another major threat to their performance. Always do a visual inspection of this critical component and question anything that does not seem right. An Owner Operator’s expertise is not limited to what they see or feel on the road but extends into any other component within the semi-truck system. If it doesn’t look or feel right—then the chances are that there is a problem, and it is up to the Owner Operator to make a call on whether the semi-truck batteries need maintenance or not.

There is a myriad of reasons why semi-truck batteries’ performance may be challenged. Most of them are systemic—such as electrical cable issues or improper contact points. Also, if an Owner Operator has a TV set, computer or microwave oven in its vehicle, they should always make sure that the semi-truck batteries have the right amperage and capacity to power these non-standard add-ons that make life more comfortable on the road.

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