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Truck Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance Requirements

Semi trucks are the largest and most unwieldy vehicles on the road. They have larger blind spots, slower braking distances, and more inertia than smaller passenger vehicles, which is why semi trucks have stricter safety requirements than most other vehicles. If you operate a semi truck, or if you plan to do so in the near future, consider the information in this article.

Essential Maintenance

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all large semi trucks must be in proper operating condition at all times. To achieve this, many truck parts and accessories must be regularly inspected and maintained. Well-maintained axles, suspension systems, and wheels are especially important for safe operation. Certain safety features—including pushout windows and emergency doors—must be inspected and approved once every 90 days.

Necessary Records

It isn't enough to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections—motor carrier owners must be able to prove that they have done so. The FMCSA requires truck owners to keep detailed records of truck inspections and when they were performed. Truck owners can keep inspection and maintenance records in their trucks for the sake of convenience. These records must be in the truck owner's possession for at least 18 months after the truck is sold.

Where to Receive Service

If you're busy running a business, it can be difficult to keep up with various regulations. The best way to ensure that you comply with the FMCSA's requirements is to schedule your maintenance with Laing Truck & Trailer of Binghamton, NY. Laing Truck & Trailer provides top-quality inspection, maintenance, and repair services for all truck makes and models. We can handle all makes and models heavy duty trucks, light/medium duty trucks, and RV's & Motorhomes.

Laing Truck & Trailer of Binghamton, NY is standing by to provide all the inspection, maintenance, and repair services you need to keep your vehicles on the road. Our truck mechanics are also happy to service business fleet vehicles, RVs, SUVs, and many more kinds of vehicles. Call 607-775-9776 or visit our website if you have any questions today.

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