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Maintaining Trailers: Avoiding CSA Violations!

Laing Truck & Trailer helps fleets keep trailers safe and in compliance.

The Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), is in its fifth year of monitoring vehicle's safety performance and compliance. The program measures safety performance, using inspection and crash results to identify carriers whose behaviors could reasonably lead to crashes. It covers the full spectrum of safety issues, from how data is collected, evaluated, and shared to how enforcement officials can intervene most effectively and efficiently to improve safety on our roads. Fleets have learned that the best way to avoid CSA violations depends on properly maintaining vehicles.

While maintenance is only a part of a carrier’s CSA score, it can cause a negative impact on a fleet’s rating. When maintenance violation data is analyzed, vehicle out-of-service violations at roadside inspections for trailers often include brake issues, broken, burned out or obscured lights; damaged or worn tires, damaged or obscured conspicuity reflectors; as well noting failures to make required repairs. In order to avoid violations, fleets need to be diligent about scheduled maintenance and inspections. To keep trailers in good repair to avoid violations, Laing Truck & Trailer Advantage customers are turning to Laing Truck & Trailer for help.

Rely on those who know your trailer

Customers who choose Laing Truck & Trailer are able to work with trailer experts who know the most about their fleet—how to repair and how inspect them. In addition, Laing Truck & Trailer service providers are staffed with well-trained technicians who not only have the latest information on trailer repair procedures, but also the proper tools to make those repairs.

Utilizing Laing Truck & Trailer in conjunction with the Advantage program also helps fleets control costs and keep money in their pocket.

The Advantage program will be rolled out at the end of June 2017!

To schedule your repair at Laing Truck & Trailer, please call 607-775-9776.

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